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Hey Loves! :heart:

Sorry for the delay in responding, middle of last week, my tablet was crushed in the spring break hustle!
Poor tablet :( But alas, that is why I have insurance! ( :

Plus end of spring break plans... Some girlfriends and I just had to enjoy the beach one last time before classes resumed XD
Though, I did missed my Xbox. ^^
But... I did get a wonderful tan! ;)

AND in gaming news...
I recently got Star Wars Battlefront! ^^ So happy I can play as Jyn for a little bit! :heart: Fangirl squeeeel! :D
And I finally, and I mean FINALLY got Overwatch! :heart:
Recently started trying Metal Gear's multiplayer in hopes of playing as Quiet. And fulfill my dream of being choked out and Fulton extracted to someone's Mother Base! ^^ But I'm a total n00b in MGO, so that might take some work.
And yes, every game I play has some type of a pervy angle to it! :3

*sigh* So many games so little time! ^^

I do have some homework to finish, so I'll be spending the evening studying and replying back to everyone.
...All from the comfort of my new GTA Online Penthouse suite! XD

Much Love and Kink,
~Lara, your kinky geeky vixen ;)
Hey everyone ^^

Sorry for my absence, life got crazy on me, again. It's all good now. :) I finally have some free time for myself! :D

So, yeah... sudden absence... caught the flu. for. a. LOONG time, better, (YAAY!)
Then college just took over all of my time! Taking 12 hours this semester, and will hopefully be graduating in May!
Plus my wonderful aunt duties were, and still are in high demand! All wonderful blessings, I am not complaining at all. :) :heart:

But, I did loose my balance in my personal life. So recently I did take some time to re-center and focus my energy and since then, have gotten into a beautiful rhythm of life, just in general, and my creative spirit is at a all time natural high!

I've been thinking about revamping my page for some time now, I'm just going to do it now! ^^
And to all the newer people who fav'ed my little Spider-Woman story! Thank you sooo much! Your support means the world to me! :D :heart: And motivates me to create more! ^^
So many new pieces to write for! All this beautiful art, I will thoroughly enjoy catching up on! ;) The rp's and short stories I started and I will finish ^^ and the many requests, too! :heart:

And I've had a few of my favorite characters on the mind lately, I'm dying to do a kinky role-play as! :D

So, yeah... I'll be here, :)
Yours in creative kink, :heart:

P.S. Thank you all for your nice notes while I was away! I LOVE all of you! :heart: :hug: :D
Classes begin!
And... *sigh*
"Here we go!"

So yeah, don't be discouraged by my late replies, I'm taking a full schedule this semester. So more than likely I will be writing more in the evenings and late nights. :) My way of unwinding! And Sexy time is so much better after a long day of stimulus :3
So yeah, win for all! ;)
:heart: Hey gang! Your favorite Pervy Geeky Vixen is back! :D It's been a while! Long story short...

Got sick, healed up, did a digital detox during the holidays, focused on myself and my path in life, moved on from that past super hectic business job, enrolled in a semester of college, moved closer to family, got a flexible low stress and fun job, and got truly inspired to create more literature and art!
But yeah, it's all good Loves! ;)

Happy to be back interacting and creating. And hopefully inspiring others, just as all of you inspire me through your wonderful art and literature!
For reals! :hug: :heart: :)

So I guess you can say, after a long personal mission, DA's perverted Quiet returns back to Mother Base and to her cell on the mature content platform. ^^

Hey gang, I'm sick right now. Thought I would bounce back sooner, but yeah... going to be a little bit longer. *sigh*
Just wanted to let all of my friends, watchers, and RP'ers know. So you guys and gals don't worry about me. :)

No worries, though. I'll be back on my feet soon enough. But till then, I'll still be floating around. I've got a lot of people to thank for the favorites, notes to respond to, and whatnot. Plus I took some much needed time off work to recuperate.

Thank you all for the praise and support, I still am absolutely stunned by how well my Spider-Woman story is being received! I love and thank you all! :heart: :hug:
I've got some really good ideas for future works. And I've even finalizing my first OC!

So even though I am mostly bed bound, (and not in the fun kinky way) I am still making the most of it. :)
So yeah, silver linings and all!

Keep your kinky chins up! ;)

As always,
Yours in kink! ;)

~Lara the (sick) geek vixen lol *cough*


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi Everyone,

Long time art lover here, on Deviant Art expanding her horizons meeting, supporting, sharing, & growing with fellow artists, poets, writers, cosplayers, gamers, geeks, and I love writing short stories and poems, I'd call myself a hobbyist. I've got quite a bit of kinks, too. The biggest being the DiD genre! :D


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